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Why book a keynote presentation?

As an event organiser, it's important that you book keynote speakers who are professional, educational, and engaging. When you book me for a keynote, you'll get:

  •  a balance of professional, educational, and fun
  • an engaging topic for everyone
  • a keynote tailored to the unique needs of your event

We were looking for someone who would take the taboo and shame out of talking about sex while also educating…. The feedback from participants was really positive and the room felt very comfortable which is not always the case when sex is being discussed.

Don't leave your audience guessing about sexuality, sex, and consent.

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10 Tips to Start Talking With Your Preteen Kid About Sex

So you want to raise a kid who knows how to look after themselves and keep themselves safe as they grow into a teenager.

But you’ve no idea how to start talking about sensitive stuff. And you want to show your kid they can talk to you about sexuality, relationships and consent.

Need help? I've got you covered!

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