Less blushing. More talking.

Learn to comfortably talk to your kids about sex, genitals and other weird body stuff.

Feeling uncomfortable about having “the talk”?

You're certainly not alone.

Most parents feel unbearably awkward initiating conversations about sexuality with their kids—and their kids are usually just as mortified.  

Still, you know how important it is for your kids to have age-appropriate guidance about their body and about physical intimacy. You want to be their go-to resource when they have questions about attraction, dating, relationships, and sex. (Believe it or not, they want the same thing.)

With the right tools, you can have meaningful talks with your kids today so they can build rewarding, uplifting intimate relationships as they mature into adulthood.

Get the resources you need to talk with your kids about:

Body Image
Attraction & Desire
Respect & Consent
Being Yourself

I help parents talk to their kids about sex and sexuality in a healthy way

When you have the right resources, The Talk is simple.

Book a Workshop

Learn how to avoid shame-inducing lectures full of simplistic dos and don'ts.

Apply What You Learn

Have meaningful conversations that help your kids respect their bodies and others' boundaries.

Celebrate Your Child's Choices

Feel confident that your young person is learning what healthy relationships look like.

Sarah has deep and thoughtful knowledge about her subject matter. She understands conversations with kids about sex can be awkward or challenging, so she provides practical help in a meaningful and thoughtful way.

– Linda G

Workshops for:


Take an online course, choose virtual one-on-one sessions, or have me out to your home.


Support your school’s families with classroom sexuality education and evening parent workshops.


Demonstrate you care about your employees’ home life by hosting a lunchtime seminar.

Don't leave your kids guessing.

Many parents have the idea—the hope—that they can have a single, excruciatingly embarrassing talk with their kids about sex and sort of have it over with… once and for all. You've probably already discovered that it doesn't exactly work that way. 

Kids' bodies, hormones, and thinking change dramatically throughout childhood, puberty, and into young adulthood, so it's important to get comfortable with ongoing dialogue about all the awkward things. Otherwise, kids ending up filling in the blanks themselves, which can have serious consequences both now and in the future:

Feelings of shame related to their desires or behaviour
Lack of awareness regarding respect and consent
Unsatisfying romantic relationships
Inability to establish healthy boundaries for themselves
Unhealthy views of sex from the Internet
Ineffective communication with their future partner

Be prepared to answer all their questions, so they'll keep asking you more.

This is about so much more than sex.

Informed adults help kids develop healthy ideas about sexuality and intimacy.
If you don't teach them, who will?